Love it when you do a reading regarding someone and their signifier is presents. It’s a welcome indicator that the deck knows who I’m asking about.

The Gothic Tarot says, “Seek happiness. Material wealth will come later to line your grave.”



The ace of cups tarot card. You can see my other tarot cards by clicking here.

Ahh so cute!

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Hey, I’m looking for lgbt+ or lgbt+ friendly witches and/or pagans C:

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'He could hardly feel a thing, that the past was a fiction, and that consequences were a choice'

You will need:

Gold cloth
Reason to completely rid yourself of your past
A flight of stairs
Red thread (optional)

This spell is for when you need to escape from your past - perhaps…

I am enough of the Seven of Skulls.
I do enough of the Empress.
I have enough of the Queen of Skulls.

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Ask me questions, I have my new gothic tarot to try out.

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Shrek is love, Shrek is life.


How do you interview a deck? I just got a new one and I'm wanting to interview it but I don't know how...

The post I reblogged before my deck interview is one of several “deck interview” spreads I’ve seen floating around. I picked that one off of Google last night cause I wanted one quick.

Previously though I just drew three cards - core personality, how do you read, and additional information.

So I shuffle my deck as usual, while thinking something like “Tell me about yourself” or another way to phrase my intent that I want to interview the deck. Then I lay out the cards in their positions, and interpret them as usual.

Have you done readings before about someone’s personality (your own or others)? It’s like that. 

Does this help?

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the best condoms money can buy

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What’s your core personality? :- Strength. Mind over matter; intellect over emotions. Advice over comfort.

Your strengths as a deck :- Prince of Pentacles. A wide imagination. Curiosity.

And your weaknesses, the parts you are less good at? :- Judgement. Giving you a straight up, hard facts answer. I tend to way up all sides of an argument or situation and leave you to make your own judgement.

What do you bring to the table, how can you teach me? :- 9 of Swords. By showing you where your fear lies, and having you confront them in a safe and controlled environment. I can offer a sandbox in which to ask all the questions and gather more information on things until you become less scared of them.

How best can I learn from you? :- 10 of Chalices. Stick with me. Be with me. Use me. Treat me like a friend.

Where is this relationship headed right now? :- Prince of Wands. You’re wanting to learn more about me again. My curiosity will fuel your own desire to learn.


Deck Interview Spread

I found this spread a few years ago on Aeclectic Tarot. It is a simple six card spread that allows you to meet your new tarot deck and get to know it. It’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s personality. It will show how it can help you grow, become a better reader and a better person. It is usually the first spread I throw for any deck.

The cards can be laid out any way you prefer, I lay mine out left to right.

Card #1: Tell me about yourself? What is your most important characteristic? The general personality of your deck. This question will reveal if your deck is painfully truthful, a prankster, a pragmatist, a romantic, etc.

Card #2: What are your strengths as a deck? The best features of your deck. This will help decide what kind of questions to ask and spreads to throw.

Card #3: What are your limits as a deck? This card represents the challenges, blocks and obstacles your deck may have. This is also helpful to decide what questions to ask and spreads to throw.

Card #4: What do you bring to the table? What are you here to teach me? We all have teachers in life and Tarot’s higher purpose is to teach us. To show us our areas of growth and help us improve.

Card #5: How can I best learn from and collaborate with you? Tarot, like all relationships, is a partnership. This card shows how to best utilize that partnership and shows you the best way to approach your deck.

Card #6: What is the potential outcome of our relationship? The most likely result of working diligently with your deck.

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A tarot card spread of my own creation, this I use in my professional readings at holistic fairs, expos, and shows. Deeper meanings from the spread can be extracted by comparing parallel cards diagonally, horizontally, and vertically. You can also read across rows, even…

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All the plants in the house feel different.

The “weeds” (for want of a better term) have the most projective energy field, and the most charged too. They almost had a crackling texture.

All three cacti have the most reserved field, only extending to perhaps 2 cm most from the…

I described the feeling of the weeds above - a noticeably larger energy field than their physical bodies, with a strong ‘charged’ feeling.

I don’t know if flowers feel warmer or not yet - none of the plants in my house are in flower (the lily is in it’s last throes of a flowering spree but it’s 95% leaves). I just have to wait until I encounter a flowering plant in a situation where … I can stand there for five minutes with my hand over it.

It was the trunk compared with it’s leaves. I did wonder if it was something to do with the active nature of what’s going on with leaves and the fact that the active, alive area’s of a trunk are buried right in the centre. So if that plant doesn’t give off a large energy field I might just not be close enough to the alive bits to feel them.