Bizarrely Beautiful  sculpture by Megan E Craddock


deerly beloved
salfired paperclay - 2012

Woah omg. I love this

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Sometimes you do rituals in the buff, not for any spiritual reason, but because you just got out of the shower.

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Brenda Lee - Bring Me Sunshine (1969)

Not all magic is doom and gloom. I just made myself a happiness jar, used some words misremembered from this song as the incantation, and then shook it while listening to this. Rain water, rose quartz, ameythyst, seven basil leaves, rosemary, cinnamon, and a star anise, with a sunstone taped to the outside.



In-depth Yes or No Tarot Spread.

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  • This is a spread I often do, taught me by wittedknitch, although I draw 19 cards.

Yes - the version I use is similar but not identical. I modified it from a Minors-only spread cause I couldn’t be arsed pulling the Majors out every time I wanted a yes/no reading.

I deal three piles of 19* and look for the number of Aces.

0 Aces = No
1 Ace = Basically No
2 Aces = Probably Yes
3 Aces = Yes

I have since also developed a way of interpreting this yes/no part by looking at where the Aces fall. I also look at the card underneath each Ace as the further depth to the reading.

*19 cards because, I think, 13/54 is about the same as 19/78 - so drawing 13 cards from a Minors-only deck gives you roughly the same random chance of pulling an Ace as drawing 19 cards from a full deck.

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All your questions can be answered, if that is what you want. But once you learn your answers, you can never unlearn them.

Neil Gaiman, American Gods (via quotes-shape-us)

Paging wittedknitch

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You did ask.

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What about hexe fashion? The German word for witch? What about witch fashion for that matter?

The German word is wixxen is it not?

Well, I know next to no German, but Google translate detects wixxen as English not German. *shrugs*

bibliophilicwitch tricksterling

Witch in German is die Hexe, plural Hexen. It means witch, sorceress, hag, or sibyl. Alte Hexen means old witch.

When it comes to German and the word wixen, it’s..um..slang. Here.

Yikes! Sorry I was totally off.

I know some people are using wixen or wixxen as a gender neutral term for witch, but I may be totally wrong, and I don’t know the context or reasoning and come to think of it I do know the, uh, slang, so uh…. ALSO BLUSHING.

As far as I know, ‘wixen’ came about as a gender-neutral term to refer to magic users through the Harry Potter fandom, who needed a non-gendered term as they only had ‘witch’ and ‘wizard’. It then spread, as words do, and came to the magic (etc.) side of tumblr where it was adopted by some as a gender-neutral equivalent to ‘witch’ (not so much an equivalent to ‘wizard’, and of course not to say that ‘witch’ is a woman-only term, only that it carries a strong association).

No one realised when it was developed that it is the same as the German word for what bywandandsword linked.

"Die Hexe" is the actual German word for witch. Relates to the English word ‘hex’ and everything.

The problem is I don’t believe half the time

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Five knots will I tie for every unfriendly and unfaithful shooter - on the guns, on the bows, on every weapon of war. O knots, shut against the shooter all highways and byways, close up the guns, put all the bows out of order, string together all the weapons of war; in my knots let there be almighty virtue.

—Russian folk magic spell against enemy weapons, quoted in W.F. Ryan, The Bathhouse at Midnight: Magic in Russia (via winawinadajcie)

With today’s news of another innocent black youth shooting, we should all give this spell a shot. 

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Any material components needed for this one, or is it focus+intent+practice? I mean, I can look up the traditional components of Russian Folk Magick, but I figured I’d ask, before delving.

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I wish I knew. Alas I’m not familiar with Russian folk magic to the degree that I could tell. Maybe OP…?

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This looks like knot magic. Which would mean having a piece of thread or cord long enough to tie five knots in. You would traditionally start in the middle of the cord, then move to the rightmost , then the leftmost knot, then inbetwee (back and forth) working toward the middle. These usually come in odd numbers (3, 5, 7, 9…etc.) I do not know if Russian magic is different from the usual English stuff, but that’s how it’s done in England.

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It’s funny to think that even back in Ancient Egypt people were basically fretting that their godphones weren’t working hard enough. And their answer?



Like they even had giant ears in rooms in the temples to help the deities hear better. Next time my godphone seems weak I’m totally going to draw out a lot of ears and see if that helps any.

The best part about this is that the fault isn’t even on the devotee. It’s like, “you, deity, are obviously deaf, man. Here are more ears so you can do a better job at listening, jfc get your shit together”

For everyone who has ever cried because their reception is shit.

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online witches
suddenly, they merely have to google the spells they need. their covens stretch across the globe, tied together by skype. they curse a different type of apple now. the world is in their pockets and there it will stay.

Things that remind me of underthepleiades.

I just got all the warm and fuzzies and I needed that today.

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This is my latest project, nettarot.net.

It’s an information age tarot deck, with cards like:

  • the cheese can from A Goofy Movie
  • Dana Scully
  • Oculus Rift
  • OITNB’s Piper
  • Doritos Locos Taco

This is a great project. Everything from the chosen archetypes to the design is beautifully done. *bookmarks*


The only problem is on mobile you can’t access the little information button at the top that takes you to the meaning of the card, so if it’s a meme or a symbol you don’t recognise then you’re stuck.

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