In general, the Sea is a She to me. Mother.

But it’s visiting up north that reminds me why I also have specific genders for specific seasni encounter. The North Sea, at least encountered from the NE England, is a He. I’ve known this from long before I began to accept the Sea as a greater concept in my life.

I assign certain genders certain traits. I know, of course, that any member of any gendet can have any trait. But when I am trying to process something greater than myself, being able to assign it certain traits by just considering it using a certain pronoun… it makes it a lot easier.

I wonder if the North Sea would feel the same from the Scandanavian side.

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What is the Shoelace Tarot? It is any tarot deck tied up with a shoelace. When left out on the table in public, it is a sign that the deck owner is a Tumblrite and is open for conversation and/or shenanigans. The suggested challenge and response is such:

”Is that the Shoelace Tarot?”

”Yes, I stole it from the First Lady.”

Shoelaces vary by Tumblrite.

This is awesome. Now to steal a shoelace when someone gets new ones. ::laughter::

I wonder how well this will work in Britain. As far as I can tell, most of you are in the US.

So, Gothic Tarot, tell me about yourself?

"Love me, keep me, treasure me, and I shall give you the strength to fight your battles and optimism from my bright and sunny disposition.

Have a unicorn.”

(Nine of Bats/Cups, Nine of Dragons/Wands, The Rearing Unicorn/The Sun)


Pokemon Cards that tell stories

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The proof is here! #thewoodentarot #kickstarter


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Help me fund the first ever print run of my fully-illustrated edition of the Ars Goetia!

You’ve heard me harp on about it.  Now you can finance it.  Perks!  My face!  Demons!  Books!  Modern English!  Pictures!  All the major food groups.  Come and get some. 

We’ve got until the 1st of October to raise £700.  Can we do it?  I hope so.

PROMOTE. P…urchase? please spend money on this, this is the best work I have ever done in my life and your bookshelves deserve it.  Your eyeballs deserve it.  Your mum deserves it.  We all deserve everything as life isn’t a reward system.  Please finance this campaign.  Maybe I will say more things.


For people who may be interested in such a thing.

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My cutesiest deck has a sharper tongue than my stereotypically dark-looking deck.

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What three of my decks say is my core trait.

I sense a theme.

(The Star, Tarot of the Magical Forest; Prince of Chalices, Manga Tarot; Knight of Cups, Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot)

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Honestly! Don't you know that local game stores give you a -20 to your willpower checks?

I should have known! I only went in there for a dice or two cause I saw that dice-shaming post going around and got an itch for some dice of my own. Only came out with one in the end!

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  1. The Head - How they go about making decisions and choices/what drives them to make the choices they make.
  2. Shoulders - The burdens they carry or the burdens they have carried (will more than likely be two cards).
  3. Heart - The core of this person.
  4. What Crosses the…
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Location: the local games store

Aim: a couple of dice and maybe a deck of playing cards

Result: one tarot deck, one deck of playing cards, and a very small die.

Self-control: -50

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Maybe I asked too much. Maybe I was demanding. I thought I was just checking in each time but…

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"The relationship has taken a downward turn, but if you keep trying you’ll probably get a different result. Then again, it is Her you’re dealing with."

The Wheel/8 of Pentacles/The Empress

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First there was a gift, and then emotions, and now there’s pride.

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'Never meet your heroes' applies to spiritual experiences too it seems.

Knave of Pentacles/The Empress/The Tower, under 3 Aces (Pentacles, Chalices, Swords).

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