*climb to top of hill to do ritual*

*realise I’ve forgotten the instructions and the words*

But wait! What is this magical device in my pocket? 

Thank fuck for smartphones and mobile data. I redownloaded the instructions I needed, and read them off my phone. 

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Anonymous said:

What is your favorite charm?


A rowan cross. In Scottish tradition, it is said the the rowan tree (also known as mountain ash) would protect those from evil spirits. Talismans were made out of the rowan twigs and bound by red thread. We have one hanging above the door in our home and I used to wear a talisman around my neck when I first ventured in witchcraft to give myself a bit of a shield against entities I did not fully understand yet. When crafting a rowan cross together, you simply repeat the following until the talisman is completed: 

Rowan berries and red thread; put all evil to its speed!


Photo credit here.

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Books and various people won’t tell you this quite often (sometimes because they weren’t told either), but a lot of “you need this root and that leaf and do it under the waxing moon and throw the result north” is all based on symbolism. They’re just drawing on symbolic associations you don’t know yet.

Items are often put in there due to the Doctrine of Signatures, observed medical effects they have (like putting emetics or other purging herbs in banishing spells), or because they appear in folklore in some related capacity, etc. Moon phase or hours, same deal - symbolism of growing or shrinking, being at full power or being in darkness, or following folklore about potent occult hours, or following something like Agrippa’s hour charts. Directional associations also are often due to folklore, or symbolism associated with directions like sunrise or sunset (again, waning or waxing effects).

You can do the same things with random modern objects around you. It doesn’t have to be Old Timey to have power.

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Bigwig Joins Efrafa by Sirenophilia

Well, hello childhood! Fancy meeting you here!

ohhhh man this book and movie

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Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone. Remember that, my child. Remember you are half water. If you can’t go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does.

Margaret Atwood, The Penelopiad  (via cosmicspread)

ETA: Those valleys and mountains you love so. Water made em. Ice is water being even more watery. There’s a secret there.

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Tarot Pokemon II.

I wouldn’t hate having a Pokemon Tarot deck ok

You have Empoleon the Emperor Penguin sitting on his throne of ice, observing the core material of his kingdom. 

You’ve got Togetic, which is a Pokemon you can only get if your Togepi is really, really happy around you, bringing a Luvdisc (in the Pokemon world, giving a Luvdisc to someone means long-lasting, true love) to a pair of Nidoran, the only Pokemon to have had explicit sexes since the game began. (would also be cool to have this be an interchangeable card - two Nidorang F/M, or maybe shinies to represent non-binary people)

You’ve got Manectric being pulled by two Ponyta, one of which is shiny. It is my head canon that shiny fire Pokemon burn at a hotter temperature than normal ones. And especially given that this shiny Ponyta seems more aggressive than the normal one, you have to be careful how you use your resources. Also, the very sparks from Manectric’s body can cause forest fires - burning desire, amirite?

And then we’ve got what has to be the most feminine Pokemon in all the games, Lopunny, easily controlling Entei, who is fire made flesh. I notice that Lopunny is missing its chest fuzz, but that may have been accidental. 

Ahh, there is a remarkable amount of depth to these. I love it!

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I wanna make a tarot deck out of pokemon cards. Someone brainstorm with me lol. 

I’ve made an Oracle Deck of of the Pokemon TCG. You can read about my deck here!

I know WittedKnitch also has a Pokemon TCG Oracle, they post about it on their blog (such as here.)

And here are some pictures of Pokemon Tarot (not a full deck as far as I know.)

There is also the tag #Pokemon Oracle

Hope this helps!!

Oh, hi! Just saw I got mentioned here. 

Hit me up if you want to talk about Pokemon divination decks made from Pokemon cards - that’s what mine is. Or if you want to talk about how to interprate different cards, solo or in relation to one another. It would be cool to see how someone else reads them.

Try the #pokemon TCG oracle tag too - I think I’ve stuck some stuff in there.

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Get your wand (or finger, or pointing implement), and if you have to activate it, do so. Take a couple of breaths to get yourself in the moment, then point to the front, to one side, behind, the other side, above and then the ground of where you are. If you are in a room, you can touch the relevant walls, ceiling and floor. As you do so, say the following words, making sure not to touch the ground until the final word:

Draw from all the power around

Hence to keep me safe and sound

From the beasts that roam the night

And those that hide, in plain sight

From the moment I touch the ground

A shield around me does surround

To protect me from harmful wights:

Those who would hurt me or cause a fright.

[Initiation word]*!

*I’m leaving this word up to you, cause it needs to be a word that indicates the finalisation and activation of the spell, and that varies from person to person.


Also why youd want to eat runes is beyond me in general. Turning that into a living element in your body makes you hope you did it right.

Or at least for me. Thats what i see

So I’ve not caught up on the conversation this is part of, but…at home I have an Algiz rune on a small ameythyst, bought years ago before I stopped using runes. 

Whenever I see it I have the strongest urge to put it in my mouth and swallow.

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Foxfire - Sol.

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A binding charm to be recited in a sing song voice while wrapping a representative of the target in string/rope/thread. On the final line, walk straight out the door and dispose of as you see fit (depending on whether you want to be able to undo the charm or not)

This has proven very effective for me. Results came about the next week!

“Binding binding binding

You’ll hurt them no more

Binding binding binding

You’ll cheat them no more

Binding binding binding

You’ll slander them no more

Binding once

Binding second

Binding third

Now off with you and out the door!”

From my notebook of modern charms.

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I’ve been thinking about computers as a metaphor for gods and magic and how pop culture entities work into it.

So, at the heart of it, all computer software is binary code. Cant get any more basic than that. 1101001 and all that. This represents the ultimate state of the universe - what the universe is at heart, at its smallest components.

But no one wants to write in binary. Its fiddly and difficult to comprehend and long. And I imagine working with the ultimate basic state of the universe is much the same. So, people make programming languages, of varying ‘levels’ in regards to closeness to binary. Java, C++, brainfuck, Python. Out of those, I think Java is the highest level and brainfuck and C++ are both pretty low level (higher level languages have predesignated things already in them, and tend to look more like human languages, while the lower level a language is the more requires definition by you). These are like magical systems - not religions, but ways of affecting the base code of the universe. Energy working seems equivalent to a lower level programming language, something extremely symbolic is a much higher level one (symbols as a short hand for long sections of base code or things).

Computer programs are the spirits (everything from a sapling’s dryad to a diety). Accessing these programs allows changes to be made to the computer without having to do any programming at all. Working with/worshipping spirits allows us to affect the universe through them (e.g. by petition).

Sometimes a programming language becomes so complex ot requires or is its own software, and here we begin to touch on pop culture stuff.

More to come when I am not on mobile, but do you see where I am going?